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  • How many jokes does Norman come with?
    Norman comes with 50 jokes. Norman will sometimes say some funny things after he tells the jokes.
  • What is the ages that is best for Norman?
    We think from ages 2 as a doll up to 12 or so as a joke telling buddy.
  • Are batteries included?
    Yes, 3 Double A batteries are included and already installed. Just pull out the plastic that is sticking out of the Battery comportment.
  • When I pulled the battery tab and presses Norman’s hand, nothing happens?"
    Most likely the little black on and off switch located on top of the battery compartment is in the off position. Simply switch on. If it is still not working, confirm that the batteries did not get loose during shipping.
  • Does a child have to play along with Norman or does he tell jokes all by himself?
    What makes Norman special is that the child needs to play along. For instance, press his hand for him to say "Knock Knock". The child should respond "Who's There?" and immediately press Norman's hand again. Norman will answer with a word, then the child should rep
  • Sometimes when I play with Norman and squeeze his hand he does not say knock knock to start?
    Norman always begins with “Knock Knock”. If after 5-7 seconds his hand is not pressed, he always go back to Knock Knock
  • Can additional jokes be added to Norman?
    Not at this time. We are hoping kids start making up their own jokes.
  • Are new outfits available for Norman?
    Not as of this time.
  • Has Norman passed all necessary testing to be sold in the US?
  • Where are the directions on how to use Norman?
    There are on the bottom of the box.
  • Could Norman be of help in a teachers classroom?
    That is what the teachers are telling us who have tested it for us. They use it as a learning tool to teach the kids to have fun without plugging something in. Teachers who taught children with special needs were especially excited.
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